Thursday, June 22, 2006

No Other Road: 1953 Red and Black Editors Stand Up for Equality and Free Speech

In 2003, four courageous editors of the University of Georgia's newspaper, the Red and Black, (Walter Lundy, Bill Shipp, Priscilla Arnold, and Gene Britton) were reunited for the first time at the University of Georgia to reminisce, reflect, and provide critical insight. The public oral history program was the first in a new series sponsored by the Russell Library in association with the Foot Soldier Project for Civil Rights Studies. Dr. Maurice Daniels, social work professor, head of Foot Soldier Project, and scholar of civil rights history, and Dr. Kent Middleton, journalism professor and scholar of free speech and free press issues, directed questions; Harry Montevideo, publisher of The Red and Black, moderated the discussion.

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