Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Russellite Joins Crew

The Richard B. Russell Library Media and Oral History Unit welcomes the addition of Christian Lopez to our ranks. Chris assumes the duties of Oral History Coordinator, with two major areas of responsibility: (1) managing the production of new oral histories, and (2) migrating older oral histories from "legacy" media (such as audiocassettes and reel-to-reel tape) to digital media formats.

While he's new to the Russell, Chris is a UGA Libraries veteran, and earned his M.L.S. from the University of South Carolina in 2008. His interests in recorded sound and history extend to other parts of his life: Chris is active in the Athens traditional music scene, singing and playing mandolin and guitar with the group Curley Maple. They rock. He is married to Anne Burnett, the Foreign and International Law Librarian at the University of Georgia School of Law, and they have a son, Jesse. Anne and Jesse rock too.

Welcome to the Russell, Chris - we're very glad you're here!

Post by Craig Breaden, Head of Media and Oral History, Russell Library

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