Monday, March 15, 2010

Kalosyne Day!

My colleague Jill Severn and I received a tremendous honor on February 24, 2010. Our friend, colleague, and frequent collaborator Margaret Holt named us recipients of the 2010 Kalosyne Award. Upon receipt of this award, we thought it fitting to spread the word about this international day of celebration started by Margaret and her husband, Stell Kefalas.

What is Kalosyne Day?

Pronounced Kalo-sin-ay, the Greek word means “doing good works." Established in 2004, Kalosyne Day is an international day of celebration recognizing the good works of others. “Often people we know do good work that goes unnoticed, unrecognized,” says Holt, “Kalosyne Day will mark the day you recognize such an individual or individuals.” Holt and Kefalas suggest that anyone can participate and recognize worthy individuals through a charitable contribution in their name, a day of volunteer service, or simply by sending a card of acknowledgment – however public or private recognition may be is completely at the discretion of the nominator. “Our world is much too full of greed, consumption and arrogance,” writes Holt in her overview of the award “...we want to encourage a transformation to a world more full of sharing, giving, and humility. We can begin by recognizing more intentionally those in our midst who do good works.”

Margaret generously bestowed this honor on the two of us in recognition of the projects and programs we support through our work at the Russell Library and the Russell Forum for Civic Life in Georgia. To receive this recognition from such a tireless and giving volunteer is quite an honor indeed! In tribute to this inventive day and its creative co-founders, we hereby spread the word - long live Kalosyne Day!

Post by Jan Levinson, Assistant Outreach Archivist, Russell Library

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