Monday, June 28, 2010

Emmy Winner!

On Saturday, June 26, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences held its 36th presentation of the Southeast Regional EMMY Awards in Atlanta. UGA came up a winner for its work on the program Andrew Young Presents: How We Got Over, which showcases the Civil Rights Digital Library and the role archives play in preserving the past. The program was recognized in the category of Outstanding Achievement: Television Crafts Achievement Excellence, Technical Achievement. Individuals included in the entry were: Andrew Young, CB Hackworth, James Benyshek, Barbara McCaskill, Ruta Abolins, Scott Auerbach, Toby Graham, Christina Davis, Mary Boyce Hicks, Lauren Chambers, Stacie L. Walker, Anthony Omerikwa, Kendra Abercrombie, Jack English, Ray Moore, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Andrea Young, Margie Compton, Craig Breaden, Russ Jamieson, Courtney Thomas, Aggie Ebrahimi, and J.D. Brandon.

It is due to the gracious support of Ambassador Young and director CB Hackworth, who have a deep understanding and appreciation for our special collections, that the UGA Libraries received such recognition. While CB went on to win two other EMMYs, this one, he said, was the one he really wanted.

Above: Russell Library's Head of Media and Oral History, Craig Breaden, basking in the glow of EMMY. For more images of UGA award winners, CLICK HERE.

Post by Craig Breaden, Head of Media and Oral History, Russell Library.

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