Thursday, September 05, 2013

Russell Forum Event: The Divided State of America (9/10/13)

Please join the Russell Forum for Civic Life, the civic engagement program of the Russell Library, for a community forum on the impacts of polarization on American society today. With the help of trained neutral moderators, participants will weigh and discuss several strategies for tackling the gridlock of ideals and circumstance that impact relationships with friends and families and challenge our ability to work together on tough public issues.

All ideas are welcome. The event is free. Registration for the event is NOT required, but participants may request a copy of the forum discussion guide in advance by emailing

Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 12:30 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.

Room 277, Richard B. Russell Building Special Collections Libraries
Directions to event available at

Issue Guide: The Divided State of America: How Can We Get Work Done Even When We Disagree? 

“America today is a house divided on many fronts. We are increasingly partisan in our politics. We are prone to spending time with people who think like we do. We avoid talking about public affairs with our relatives, co-workers and neighbors for fear of alienating people close to us. Our media outlets amplify our differences and fuel polarization. Our lawmakers are increasingly stymied in their attempts to reach agreement on critical bills that affect our jobs, safety and future. Our deep divisions seem intractable at times. Yet many Americans believe that we can and must find ways to address pressing public issues that are critical to our quality of life and the future of our nation. The overarching question posed by this guide is a practical one: How can we get work done even when we disagree?”

The above is excerpted from the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress Issue Guide, The Divided State of America: How Can We Get Work Done Even When We Disagree?

For more information contact Jill Severn, 706-542-5766,

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