Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The End Nears...

Well, folks, it looks like this project -- processing Hugh Peterson, Sr.'s papers -- is starting to wrap up. Indeed, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. For those of you not familiar with processing collections, once the actual papers, photographs, maps and other miscellany are processed, the writing and counting starts.

I’m counting photographs, folders, boxes, linear feet, maps – you name it! If it can be counted and turned into a statistic, it probably will be. Writing about the collection is a great way to synthesize what has been processed and counted in order to describe the collection. The most difficult thing is trying to write for a researcher who has never seen the collection using the mindset and knowledge of an archivist has spent 18 months working with it.

With the help of a good supervisor, though, all will be counted and written. With the help of our access and outreach unit, everything will be put on our website and we’ll even create a baby exhibit. Yes sir, it is August: the students are coming back to campus; the days are getting shorter, and the collection is almost ready to be opened.

In this post, I have included some images from appointment books given as promotional items at the turn of the century. They somehow capture my excitement at being almost done!

Post by Renna Tuten, Project Archivist, Russell Library

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