Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss Eunice Talks Politics

"Miss Eunice" Mixon has been a fixture in Georgia politics since 1974, when she was tapped by George Busbee to coordinate his campaign for governor in Tift County. She was so successful in this effort and in her ability to wheel, deal, and not mince words, that her involvement with subsequent political campaigns in South Georgia has become the stuff of legend. In addition to this, when we think of public servants, it is the Miss Eunice's of the world we like to think of: gracious and honest, she is a tireless advocate for her community while seeing Georgia as a whole rather than a mere sum of parts. Although she has never held elective office, she has served on the State Election Commission, the Georgia State Bar Disciplinary Board, and the Georgia Student Finance Commission, and also graces the capitol as Doorkeeper of the Senate.

This clip is taken from Reflections on Georgia Politics, for which Miss Eunice was interviewed by Bob Short on October 2, 2008. It gives some insight into Miss Eunice's charm and her way with words, while detailing her initial foray into state politics and the way grassroots politics worked in the 1970s.

Post by Craig Breaden, Head of Media and Oral History, Russell Library

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