Tuesday, April 07, 2009

History in the First Person

Reflections on Georgia Politics is a project that began in the fall of 2006 at Young Harris College, as a lecture and discussion program hosted by Georgia political veteran Bob Short. In late 2007, the Richard B. Russell Library began producing the program as an oral history series, traveling across Georgia to videotape interviews. Former governors, constitutional officers, congressmen, state legislators, political organizers, and journalists sit down with Short -- sometimes during a quick break between committee meetings, other times for a lengthy period of calm reflection on a back porch -- and share their experiences in Georgia and national politics. These conversations are captured and the Russell Library serves as a repository for the resulting tapes - making decades of political history, strategy, and stories of back-room-politics accessible to the public.

These personal perspectives on public policy and leadership have resulted in the creation of a unique resource that will continue to grow and benefit students of Georgia's history. In the weeks and months to come, and for as long as this project continues, selections from these interviews will be posted regularly to this blog along with commentary from project supervisor Craig Breaden, Head of Media and Oral History for the Russell Library. In addition, you'll see announcements for further developments in the project, its newest directions, and manifestations in exhibits and other displays.

Up Next: Interview with Erwin Mitchell

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