Monday, May 10, 2010

Reflections on iTunesU

The Russell Library is pleased to announce that the entire Reflections on Georgia Politics Collection is now available on iTunesU at UGA!

As you'll recall from previous blog posts, Reflections on Georgia Politics is a project that began in the fall of 2006 at Young Harris College, as a lecture and discussion program hosted by Georgia political veteran Bob Short. In late 2007, the Richard B. Russell Library began producing the program as an oral history series, traveling across Georgia to videotape interviews with former governors, constitutional officers, congressmen, state legislators, political organizers, and journalists. These conversations are captured and the Russell Library serves as a repository for the resulting tapes - making decades of political history, strategy, and stories of back-room-politics accessible to the public.

The accessibility of the interviews has reached a new level now that the collection of 118 programs (and still growing!) is available for download on iTunesU at UGA. To access the collection:

1. Visit; This will launch iTunes on your computer (if it's installed) and take you to the iTunesU UGA page.
2. Click on "UGA Libraries" on the list on the left, and Reflections will be one of your choices.
3. Choose an interview and enjoy!

Please note that iTunesU at UGA has not yet been added to the iTunes Store, so it must be accessed currently through the link above. More blogging to come on Reflections and its achievements in the coming weeks! Stay tuned.

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